Wangford Smock Mill

Wangford windmill

An early photograph of Wangford Windmill close to the Suffolk coast as it looked in around 1910.

The six story smock windmill in Wangford, near Southwold, Suffolk, was built in 1883. It stood at a height of more than 21 metres and had four 8 metre sweeps. It was owned by the Earl of Stradbroke and worked for many years by a family named Martin. It was powered in its later years by both wind and steam and in commercial use right up until it burnt down in August 1928. Unfortunately, nothing of the mill survives.

wangford smock windmill

An old picture postcard recording the fire at the smock mill in Wangford on the 7th August 1928.

In addition to the tower mill a post mill, built in 1801, also played an active role in the economy of the village of Wangford. This was damaged in a storm and dismantled in 1901.

If you know anything more about either the post mill or tower mill in Wangford or have additional images do get in contact.

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