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Steam Powered Windmill

Another windmill-related item in our collection!

 steam wind mill from germany
A toy tin-plate windmill made by Ernst Plank of Germany in around 1910. This model is 17cm high.

This is a model windmill made by Ernst Plank of Germany in the early 1900s. These models were once popular toys and were designed to be powered by a miniature stationary steam engine such as those made by Mamod, Doll, Bowman, Sel, Meccano, Stuart Turner, Fleischmann and Wilesco.

Many full-sized mills, originally wind-powered, were converted to steam engine driven mills at the end of the 19th century. The mill in High Ham is just one example of a windmill, which was converted to steam in the final years of its active life.

Come back soon to see a film of this mill being worked by our own working steam engine!