Tourne, Tourne, Petit Moulin

Tourne, Tourne, Petit Moulin – a traditional song about windmills sung in French!

This is a very popular tune and sung by most children in France.

The lyrics roughly translated go something like this:

Turn, turn, little mill
Clap, clap, little hands
Fly, fly, little bird
Swim, swim, fish in water

Little mill is turning well
Little hands are clapping well
Little bird is flying well
Little fish are swimming well …

And in the original French:

Tourne, tourne, petit moulin
Frappent, frappent, petites mains
Vole, vole, petit oiseau
Nage, nage, poisson dans l’eau

Petit moulin a bien tourné
Petites mains ont bien frappé
Petit oiseau a bien volé
Petit poisson a bien nagé

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