Water Mills

A selection of images of water mills in France from our picture archive.

water mill beehives

A water mill in France with the miller attending to beehives. Beekeeping was a common sideline for many millers. This image scanned from an old picture postcard in our collection dates from 1905.

water mill france french

An old postcard of a water mill close to the French / Belgium border. Mailed in 1907.

old postcard water mill

An old photographic postcard of a busy street outside a mill in Oise, France.

water mill france

A vintage picture postcard of workers outside a water mill in Miannay, Somme, France, c.1905.

water mill france

An old postcard featuring a water mill in Côte d’Or, France. Posted to Berlin in 1907.

watermill postcard france

An old postcard of a period scene around the water mill in Cote d’Or , France.

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