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The Mill in Grödersby

Jens Ole Sendke windmill

Groedersby windmill as featured on an old picture postcard posted in 1909.

Close to the German / Danish border, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, in a small town called Grödersby, a rather splendid four-floor ‘Dutch’ windmill dating back to 1888 can be found.

Grödersby Groedersby mill

The Mill in Grödersby seen from a distance on a grey day in November. Photo by Jens Ole Sendke.

Unfortunately as the mill is now a private residence there is currently no public access.


Grödersby on a map of north-west Europe.

It is though possible to rent a beautiful nearby little house called Mühlenholz, which used to belong to the owners of the mill, at a very reasonable rate. Full details of the cottage can be found here.