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A selection of old postcards featuring windmills in the USA.

windmill united states

An old postcard feating the Old Windmill in East Hampton. Long Island, New York, USA.

windmill chatham usa

A 1920s picture postcard of the windmill in Chatham, Massachusetts, USA.

windmill rhode island usa

An old postcard of the mill at Rock Ledge in Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island, United States.

postcard windmill usa

The Old Mill on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, on an old picture postcard mailed in 1921.

windmill Massachusetts united states

The old windmill, West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States of America.

windmill dutch bakery usa

Van de Kamps Dutch Bakers Windmill Store No. 1. in Los Angeles, California. Never a working mill!

windmill cape cod usa

An vintage multiview picture postcard from the early 1950s featuring one of the windmills in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

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