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Weare Tower Mill in Allerton

allerton windmill

A wonderful photographic (RP) postcard showing the mill in Stone Allerton in a state of disrepair. This mill can be found on the road between Wedmore and Cheddar. Click image to enlarge.

A photograph of what was left of the Weare Tower Mill in Weare / Stone Allerton, Somerset, c.1910. Shortly after this photograph was taken the mill was converted into a private dwelling house and remains such today. Legend tells of a horse rider being thrown from his horse and killed after it was frightened by the whirling sound of the sails. The mill was last worked in 1880.

Compare this with a recent photograph of the same Allerton mill with attached house (taken from the opposite direction).

Open day at Stembridge Tower Mill

The National Trust opened the interior of Stembridge Tower Mill to visitors for the first time this year today. Here’s a photograph taken around 4pm. One of the custodians can be seen seated at the table in front of the mill, greeting visitors, checking membership passes, and selling tickets to non-members. Two jackdaw nests could be seen up under the roof and parent birds coming and going.

stembridge windmill

An open day at Stembridge Tower Mill in High Ham, Somerset, south-west England.

Windmill Colouring Picture

Here’s a super pen and ink drawing of Stembridge Tower Mill, which since the late 1960s has been under the excellent care of the National Trust. The image may be printed off and coloured in. An activity suitable for children of all ages! More colouring pictures featuring windmills.

windmill colouring

Wind mill colouring page. Stembridge Tower Mill in High Ham, near Langport, Somerset, south-west England.

More on the High Ham Mill.

English Windmills

This website is about mills, mostly wind-powered mills!

old village mill england

Our primary focus will initially be on English windmills, but, our website will expand over time to include pictures of and information on many other mills around the world. As we are based in the wonderful county of Somerset in south-west England, we also include up-to-date details of local windmills open to the public, such as the tower mills in Chapel Allerton and High Ham. We will add newly scanned images from our picture archive to the site monthly or more often if time allows. In the near future our site should include almost everything you may wish to know about windmills. Come back soon for another look.