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Post Mill in Quedlinburg

Here we have a fascinating photograph taken in June 1912. It features a horse-drawn plough outside an early post mill. The windmill was located in Hamersleben in the Quedlinburg area, north of the Harz mountains, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The windmill is believed to have burnt down towards the end of the Second World War.

windmill quedlinburg

A scan of a 1912 private photograph of a windmill in the Quedlinburg area of Germany.

Crowland Post Windmill

Crowland Post Mill

A close-up of Crowland Post Windmill as it looked in around 1909.

Crowland Post Mill was built in the late 1790s and worked for just under a hundred years before going out of use. The windmill was burnt down just two year’s after this photograph was taken and no sign of the mill is visible today.

Crowland Windmill

The same early 1900s photographic view of Crowland Windmill. Also visible are Croyland abbey and Postland Road School.

A local newspaper report of 1911 reported on the demise of the mill in this way:

“Gunpowder Plot – Old Mill set on fire. Crowland celebrated ‘Guy Fawkes’ in a lively way on Saturday by setting fire to an old windmill on the Postland road, which though it had been standing idle for nearly twenty years, lovers of the past are sorry to see demolished, and see an old landmark pass into oblivion. The mill was the property of the Rector of Crowland and although a reward has been offered, up to the present the culprit or culprits have not been traced.” (edited)

Crowland is a village located between the large towns of Peterborough and Spalding in Lincolnshire, north-east England.

Foston Post Mill

Foston windmill

A photograph of Foston Post Mill taken in around 1930.

The Post Mill in Foston, Lincolnshire, north-east England, was built in 1624 and is believed to have worked at two separate sites in the village before going out of use at the end of the 19th century. It was sadly demolished in 1966.

Foston is around nine kilometres (six miles) north-west of the town of Grantham.